Specialty study at uitm Jengka

1. Near to nature
- Had own forest especially provided for UiTM students ( Seri Gading) .
- Had own plantation that control by student plantation course.
- Exists golf field and archery place for UiTM students especially sport course.

2. Has own facilities by Uitm like transportation.
- Provided vans and buses for students to make them easier to go to the city and other destination.

3. Have talented athletes
- Have a reliable coach
- The athlete has contributed to the field of sports uitm

4. Located in a peaceful and away from the busy city
- Allows students to focus more on learning.
- Lack of social problems

5. Friendly of director of campus
- Always concern to hear the problems of students
- Always try to fulfill students requirement.


Issue : Problem of water supply in Jengka
Solution : Provide more water storage tank and sugestion to government to maintain catchment area.

Public Bus

Issue : Lack of bus options in Jengka
Solution :Bus companies need to add various types of bus options for other destinations
especially for students whose home away like Johor, Kedah etc.

Street Lamp

Issue : Lack of street lighting in Jengka
Solution: Increase the number of street lights in the vicinity Jengka especially on roads and public places.

Taxi charge

Issue : Expensive taxi fares in Jengka
Solution :Taxi fares should be regulated so as not to burden the consumers, especially elderly citizens.Government must take action to control this situation from occurring.

Food Price

Issues : Expensive food prices in Jengka
Solution : Traders need to put a list of food prices and comply with a set price.
Prices charged must be reasonable with the quantity of food consumed by the customer